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Patent Searches

So, you made an invention and want to know whether you can get a patent for it! Say that the invention is represented by the lightbulb in the graphic below. Typically, a search will show that a portion of the invention is in the prior art, represented by the gray area partially obscuring the light bulb.

It is the portion of the invention over and above the prior art that you can get patent protection for, provided that certain patentability requirements are satisfied.

Prior Art

Note, that a large unobscured portion of the lightbulb does not automatically make you rich. Vice versa, a small unobscured portion of the light bulb may be commercially valuable worth protecting by a patent.

We can provide you with an opinion on what portion of your invention you can get patent protection for. Contact Us to request a Search Sheet. Should you decide to go for a patent with us, we will credit you the cost of the search. Back to Top

Patent Drafting and Filing

You have now made the decision to go for a patent. A patent application has to be drafted. We take your informal drawings or photos and textual descriptions, and turn it into formal patent specifications and formal patent drawings.

We will then file the patent application at a Patent Office of a target country, where you as the prospective patentee have commercial interests to protect. There is no such thing as a world patent. We help you with filings for multiple target countries. Back to Top

Patent Prosecution and Grant

Prosecution? No, no, nobody goes to jail! That's just a term of art for the legal proceedings before the Patent Office that takes typically two to three years. In the proceedings, we help you get a patent for the unobscured portion of the lightbulb to the maximum extent permitted by patent law.

Sometimes, there is nothing left to patent, which typically happens when the patent examiner discovers in his search a piece of prior art that completely obscures the lightbulb. This is why we recommend doing a patent search to begin with. Back to Top

Patent Portfolio Management

Ottawa Patent Agency help you get patents in the US, Canada, and internationally. We help you build up your patent portfolio in target countries around the world. Back to Top

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Special message for US patent agents: we are licensed not only in Canada, but also in the US. We are thus familiar with US patent law and practice for ease of communications and optimum coordination. Back to Top

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